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  431  Choir and clergy of The Church Of The Holy Spiritby Philip Moore 
  Probable date is around 1952. The choir & clergy from The Church Of The Holy Spirit and po...

  394  Lighthouse At Rye Harbourby Philip Moore 
  Another painting to go with images numbers picture #392 & picture #393 - Yet another oil p...

  416  Ma Tunbridge's Cafeby Philip Moore 
  This cafe stood between the river and the William the Conqueror (you can just see its sign...

  219  Map of 1764by Philip Moore 
  This map was engraved by Jacques Bellin and is from his atlas "Le Petit Atlas Maritime" pu...

  448  Outside the Conqueror in the early 1950'sby Philip Moore 
  There seems to be some doubt as to whether the young child with the cap is Julie Gawn or R...

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