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Alan Haffenden7
Alan Read0
Ann Newman5
Barry Yates148
Bob Helman1
Chris Coleman14
Dave Witherspoon2
Deborah Broadley13
Doris Cutting5
English Heritage3
Environment Agency2
Eric Streeton13
Estelle Quick2
Geoff Pope4
Graham Saunders3
Henry Treadwell1
Hilary Mitchell1
Jane Wren1
Jean Brown2
Jean Warrener1
Jill Halpin3
Jim Hill17
Jimper Sutton1
John Bagnall1
Joyce Bailey1
Mark Griffen2
Martin King 1
Mary Lestocq13
Michael Alford9
Michael Doust6
Michel Forand1
Mike Slavin1
Molly Saunders3
Nanny Pat14
Pat Lowery1
Paul Kennedy3
Paul Roberts8
Peter Caister19
Peter Manning1
Philip Dibley2
Philip Moore5
Richard Tollett6
Roger Hudson1
Rupert Macnee2
Ruth Fivash3
Simon Kenward2
Stephen Rafaluk5
Steve Blattman14
Stuart Clark1
Stuart Conway1
Ted Hatter21
Terry Blackman2
Trevor Boreham5
Vince Smith20
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