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Click to ViewThe Rye Harbour Image Library will contain images and anecdotes about the area. For now there are 417 pictures and 377 comments on the site for you to browse through. The site is designed so that you can add your comments about the pictures to build up the history of the village. You can even send us your photos to be added.

Images can be viewed by YEAR, by ALBUM, by GROUP, or by CONTRIBUTOR, or you can use the simple SEARCH at the top of this page.

Click to ViewWhen viewing the pictures, PLEASE leave your own comments using the form at the foot of each page. You might know a face, a date or a story about the photo. In this way we hope to build an extensive collection of information, reminiscences and anecdotes about Rye Harbour that is easily accessible to everyone.

Click to ViewYou are also able to make your own album of the images here and make this publicly available if you wish.
If you want to add your pictures please send them to us at barryyates@sussexwt.org.uk.
We can include sound files and scanned documents - use the search box for "audio" or "pdf".

Click to ViewA BOOKLET is available describing many aspects of the village history through the memories of local people. It was originally published by the Thomas Peacocke School History Group in 1992.
This revised edition was printed in 2006.
Copies are available for £5 + 75p p&p
Click on the image for details.

Click to ViewThis web site is managed by The Rye Harbour Heritage Group, which was established in 2005, around 200 years after the harbour’s first settlement. It aims to record and promote the rich and varied history of Rye Harbour village.

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Latest Pictures
The Rye Harbour ferry
The Rye Harbour ferry
Rye Harbour, Martello TowerJim Cutting (1835-1915)Choir and clergy of The Church Of The Holy SpiritWEMAXA
Eva ColemanThe Rye Harbour FerryConnie and Pontie Rye Harbour Wetland
Memorial to Fl/lt. Harry R HamiltonThe Church of the Holy Spirit and the Concrete WorCoastguard Square 1929Saltmarsh
Latest Comments
I lived and grew up in Rye and use to hang out with fri
in the background there appears to be an old Sussex Tru
No, I don't believe that Humphrey was in this. However
Was Humphrey the presenter of Billy Bean and his Funny
Percy Tapp used to live in Ship Cottage and his daughte
Great to see ships in Rye any chance of sending images
Yes Abigail - You are very observant. It had very pret
Abigail, I think that you may be referring to Ma Tunbri
Hi all good to read all the comments on the B boats, I
Does anyone remember the tea garden which was here in t
Latest Pictures
The Rye Harbour ferry
Rye Harbour, Martello Tower
Jim Cutting (1835-1915)
Choir and clergy of The Church Of The Holy Spirit
Eva Coleman
The Rye Harbour Ferry
Connie and Pontie
Rye Harbour Wetland
Memorial to Fl/lt. Harry R Hamilton
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